Every Utah businesses face legal issues ranging from lawsuits to estate planning to choosing your successor to figuring out how to make the transition to a publicly traded corporation. Although there is no single attorney who is able to handle all legal issues that arise, I have over twenty years’ experience helping my clients navigate legal waters by assembling the right legal expertise. I have a stable of legal partners as well as legal, business, and expert contacts in numerous fields. My job is to assemble the right knowledge and expertise to handle any legal problems that arise.

I have litigated various business-related claims on behalf of Utah businesses and individuals in state and federal court, arbitration, and mediation. I work closely with clients to help relieve them of the burden that legal issues often bring. I am committed to thoroughly understanding my clients’ issues, listening closely to their objectives and needs, and vigorously protecting their interests in litigation and transactional matters. I am passionate about helping my clients solve problems, build their business, avoid litigation, and resolve disputes when they arise.

In the Utah Business Law Advisor, I offer my experience and insight on Utah business as it relates to established and emerging Utah law, legal trends that affect Utah businesses, and legal strategies for doing business in Utah.

On a more personal level, my interests vary depending on the time of year and my mood. Sometimes I feel like the guy in the Bittersweet Symphony music video: “I’m a million different people from one day to the next….” On any given day you can find me obsessing about the following (in no particular order):

  • Entrepreneurship. I always thought this meant going out on your own and struggling in the business wilderness. It can be but not necessarily. For me it’s being in control of what I do everyday and making a success of it (hopefully). It is the permanent challenge and applies to every aspect of life including every interest I have.
  • Skateboarding. I grew up on a skateboard and still do my best to stay upright on four wheels. Ollies, nollies, and grinds– no problem. Kickflips, heelflips, impossibles, and hardflips– not so much. I can still hit the half-pipe and park but I don’t dare do much anymore– I value my knees, etc., too much. I also will take out the longboard for sliding on the streets around my house.
  • Modern Art. There is something about modern or contemporary art that speaks to me at a level that I do not understand. I can get lost in art galleries with modern art. I wander and drink deeply. It calms my soul. Years after seeing it in a museum, this one still reaches a place I can’t find: “Cats in Bag | Bags in River“. Same with really big Jackson Pollock paintings. As with any art, it’s always best to see it in person.
  • Snowboarding. Burton Performers were the big deal when I was a young teenager. The ski resorts would not allow snowboards on the lifts (for good reason at the time) so we would hike up through the powder just out of bounds. Once snowboards ditched the powder fins and added metal edges, resorts saw the light and let us on the hardpack. I’m still trying my hand at rails (the fat ones) and the half-pipe. I still worry about getting my teeth knocked out on a thin rail but I what the heck.
  • Pies. Thanksgiving would be boring without pies, lots of pies. It’s all about the crust. Anyone can peel and core an apple but the crust is where the flavor, texture, and addiction comes from. My favorite is blueberry.
  • Running. This is more of a summer sport for me. I’m not a committed runner, more like a fair-weather friend. I’ve run a few marathons. The most recent was the St. George Marathon with my 16 year-old daughter who nearly beat me. During the winter, it’s more snowboarding, basketball, weights, and treadmill. I’ll pick it up again in the spring.

If I can help you with anything legal related, please feel free to contact me. If I cannot do it for you, I have partners who most likely can. If they cannot help you, I have local friends and associates who most likely can. If they cannot help you, usually because of the specialized nature of the issue or the geographic location of your issue, I have contacts in a large worldwide network of attorneys who absolutely can. I look forward to hearing from you.

Please note that all opinions are my own and do not necessarily represent those of my law firm.